[{"value": 1191, "label": "Career Insight Talks and Events"}, {"value": 1192, "label": "Curriculum Link"}, {"value": 1194, "label": "Exchanging Expectations"}, {"value": 1193, "label": "Help with Resumes and/or Realistic Mock Interviews"}, {"value": 1195, "label": "Primary school reading & numeracy help"}, {"value": 1196, "label": "Other"}, {"value": 1203, "label": "In-School Mentor"}, {"value": 1210, "label": "Inspiring Apprentices"}, {"value": 1207, "label": "Inspiring Futures for Young Women"}, {"value": 1208, "label": "Primary Futures - What's My Line"}, {"value": 1205, "label": "Participate in Regional Events/Careers expo's"}, {"value": 1206, "label": "Western Sydney Apprenticeship Expo "}, {"value": 1204, "label": "$20 Boss Mentor"}, {"value": 1201, "label": "Apprenticeship/Traineeship"}, {"value": 1202, "label": "Full-time, Part-time or Casual work"}, {"value": 1199, "label": "Holiday/Seasonal Work"}, {"value": 1200, "label": "School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT)"}, {"value": 1209, "label": "Small Group Workplace Visits "}, {"value": 1198, "label": "Work Experience"}, {"value": 1197, "label": "Work Placement"}]