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Volunteer to Inspire the Future in your local school or college

Inspiring the Future is a free service which sees people from all sectors and professions from Apprentices to CEOs pledging one hour a year to visit local schools and colleges to talk about their jobs, career and the education route they took. As a volunteer you just talk about ‘the job you do’ and ‘the route you took’.  

Everyone – from seasoned CEOs to 18 year old Apprentices – can volunteer with Inspiring the Future.

Volunteering can take place near home or work. You just select from a drop-down menu, those areas you can volunteer in. Schools and colleges (Both primary and secondary) in those areas can see volunteer profiles and will contact volunteers by sending invitation messages through the secure system. You simply let the school/college know whether you’re able or not to attend or perhaps negotiate a different time.


Employers and Industry Associations can also sign up to add their logo to the campaign and download resources to promote the signup of individual volunteers from within their organisation. Please feel free to contact one of our staff about how it works, and get ideas for promotion across your organisation.

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